Wellness Centre

All our guests are cordially invited to use the offer of “Wellness services” that include: sauna, steam room, infrared sauna and Jacuzzi.
Dry heat sauna guarantees unparalleled experience that purifies your soul and body. It is a form of beauty care and also supports fat burning process by boosting metabolism. Regular visits in the sauna strengthen the body, build up its immunological resistance.
Steam room, where the humidity level is periodically increased by pouring water on the stones inside sauna’s stove will ensure you perfect conditions for relaxation.
Infrared sauna recommended in the case of any injuries, joints-related ailments and cardiovascular disorders, helps to reduce cellulite, removes toxins from the skin and improves its condition.
Jacuzzi – form of water massage brings relief to strained muscles and ensures relaxing experience.
Hydro massage improves blood supply to the skin and blood circulation as well as relaxes the muscles. Relaxing properties of the Jacuzzi effectively impact entire body and help to fight various diseases and ailments.

Additionally we heartily encourage you to use our broad range of massage services and cosmetic treatments.