Fairy-tale playground

The colourful playground full of adventures and attractions will make the stay in the Masurian District even more pleasurable for all children of our Guests.
The playground is composed of several arranged modules: sandpit, tunnel, net, climbing wall, ladder and slide.
All in aesthetic form, produced with best quality materials. We all care about children’s safety. Approved FLEXI-STEP surfaces ensure safe play to our children.

Kindergarten pupil set is a perfect proposal for children in the pre-school age. They will find here such attractions as: climbing wall, slide, line bridge and a real fire fighting pipe.

Spring swings, so called “Wobblers”, made of HDPE material that is marked by a very high endurance and resistance to the effects of weather conditions. This exceptionally colourful toy is designed for children aged 3 to 7. Various patters of “Wobblers” make them very popular with our children.

Metal structures of the double swing “Small kid” were made from round profiles. The seat protects the small explorer against falling down.
Additionally we can arrange and provide:

  • Inflatable playgrounds,
  • Wide range of theme events for children,
  • Professional organizers of activities for children
  • Magicians