Feel the taste of reginal dishes.

In the picturesque surroundings, in the very heart of the Masurian Lake District, near beautiful sailing resort, Giżycko, you will find a place, where the value of taste and aroma of meals and food is taken to a higher level.

A’la carte menu proposed by the Chef presents local delicacies. We believe that truly unique taste sensations are possible only with fresh, good quality food products. That is why to a substantial extent our menu is based on the seasonal products, and the closeness of forest and Kisajno Lake provides us access to exceptional fruits of nature.

Fish dishes occupy a prominent position in the culinary offer of our restaurant. We serve pikeperch, European whitefish, pike and perch, as well as eel. We warmly encourage everyone to taste originally tasting fish that we prepare ourselves in our own smoking chamber, where they are exposed to the slow process of warm smoking. To all connoisseurs and hunters of unique culinary sensations we recommend marinated fish and regional delicacies such as plińce z pomoćką (potato cakes with smoked bacon and cottage cheese sauce), dzyndzałki (Masurian dumplings) with various stuffing and kakor (potato pie) with mushroom sauce.

A meal at our restaurant will take you into the depths of the culinary history of the region. Tasting the dishes served by our Chef and restaurant team you will experience true delights to the palate and at the same time you will find them available at affordable prices.



Dishes with Masurian tradition:

Chunk of bread with spread and cucumber 7,00
Kakor with mushroom sauce (potato cake) 17,00
Plińce potato pancakes with cream 14,00
Masurian potato pancake with vegetables and sausage 19,00
Dzyndzałki dumplings with gravy of onion and bacon – 10 pcs
– dumplings with potato and cheese or with cabbage and mushrooms 16,00
– dumplings with mixed meat 17,00
Bowl for a hungry sailor (dumplings with meat, with potato and cheese, with sauerkraut and mushrooms – 24 pcs ) 36,00
Plińce potato pancakes with sauce (2 large potato pancakes layered with smoked bacon with strong aroma of onions and garlic 18,00
Dzyndzałki dumplings with buckwheat and cottage cheese – flavoured with onion and bacon – 10 pcs 16,00
Fried perch with roast potatoes and mixed vegetable salad 42,00
Fried zander fillet with spinach, chanterelle sauce and potatoes 46,00

Our chef recommends:

Peasant style pork knuckle served on fried cabbage with caraway and roast potatoes 39,00
Roast pork neck in roast sauce with potato dumplings and red cabbage salad 26,00
Meatballs in dill sauce with buckwheat and fried beetroot 24,00
Homemade stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce with boiled potatoes sprinkled with fresh dill 22,00
Tench fillet in cream with dill sauce, mashed potatoes and salad with leek and carrots 29,00
Stuffed cabbage with fish and groats in cream sauce with dried tomatoes 24,00
Duck breast with couscous and apples 45,00
Baked salmon with asparagus and mozzarella 48,00

Side dishes:

Beetroot carpaccio with arugula and feta cheese and a hint of walnuts 20,00
Herring in oil with onion 14,00
Beef steak tartare with additions 26,00
Greek salad with feta cheese 16,00
Broccoli salad with tuna, egg, cocktail tomatoes and garlic sauce 20,00


Masurian tripe soup 250ml 15,00
Goulash soup (for 2 persons) 500ml 18,00
Chicken noodle soup 250ml 7,00
Tomato soup with noodles or rice 250ml 7,00
Sour rye soup with egg 250ml 14,00
Masurian fish soup 250ml 15,00
Lentil soup 250ml 12,00
Minestrone soup 250ml 12,00


Penne with chanterelles and fresh parsley 25,00
Spaghetti Bolognese 17,00

Pancakes – 2 pcs:

Pancakes with cheese and sweet cream 11,00
Pancakes with seasonal fruit and sweet cream 13,00
Pancakes with spinach, roasted with cheese 16,00
Pancakes with chanterelles and chicken 20,00

Fish (price by weight):

Fried vendace 100g 13,00
Fried perch 100g 20,00
Fried zander 100g 22,00
Roast trout with dill and butter 100g 11,00

Meat dishes:

Pork cutlet in golden batter 140g 14,00
Grilled pork neck with onion and garlic sauce 150g 16,00
Juicy chicken breast with cranberry sauce 140g 15,00


Boiled potatoes with butter and fresh dill 150g 5,00
Roast potatoes 150g 7,00
French fries 150g 8,00
Buckwheat porridge 120g 5,00
Rice 120g 5,00
Potato dumplings 150g 7,00
Set of salads 150g 7,00
Boiled vegetables 150g 7,00
Grilled vegetables 150g 7,00
Fried cabbage 150g 6,00
Spinach 150g 9,00
Mushroom sauce 8,00
Cold sauces
– tzatziki 3,00
– ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, horseradish 2,00
Bread 3,00

Meals for the little ones:

Chicken fingers, French fries, carrot 80g/100g/75g 16,00
Spaghetti Bolognese ½ portion 12,00
Pancakes with cheese and sweet cream 1 pc 8,00
Dumplings with meat 5 pcs 12,00


Home-made cake of the day 12,00
Cup of seasonal fruits 14,00
Meringue dessert with fruit and lemon cream 16,00

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Alcohol Menu

Draft beer:

Warka 0,33 l 5,50
Warka 0,5 l 7,00
Żywiec 0,33 l 7,00
Żywiec 0,2 l 8,50
Sok do piwa 0,2 l 1,00

Bottled/Cans beer:

Regional beer 0,5 l 10,00
Non alkoholic beer 0% 0,5 l 7,00
Warka Radler fruit flavour 0,5 l 7,00
Braniewo 0,5 l 7,00
Żywiec natural wheat 0,5 l 8,50
Żywiec Porter 0,5 l 12,00
Desperados 0,4 l 11,00


Campari 0,04 l 8,00
Aperol 0,04 l 7,00
Martini Bianco 0,10 l 10,00
Jagermeister 0,04 l 12,00


Soplica 0,04 l 5,00
Żubrówka czarna 0,04 l 9,00
Finlandia 0,04 l 9,00

Flavoured vodka:

Żołądkowa gorzka 0,04 l 6,00
Krupnik 0,04 l 6,00
Żubrówka 0,04 l 6,00
Soplica fruit flavour 0,04 l 7,00


Remy Martin VSOP 0,04 l 22,00


Tullamore Dew 0,04 l 12,00
Grant’s 0,04 l 12,00
Jack Daniel’s 0,04 l 14,00
Johnnie Walker Black 0,04 l 17,00


Lubuski 0,04 l 5,00
Finsbury 0,04 l 11,00


Silver/Gold 0,04 l 12,00


Bacardi 0,04 l 12,00


Malibu 0,04 l 9,00
Passoa 0,04 l 9,00
Baileys Irish Cream 0,04 l 10,00
Cointreau 0,04 l 11,00

Sparkling wine:

Prosecco Ponte Extra Dry
D.O.C. Prosecco Treviso
Veneto, Italy
75 cl 65,00

White wine by the glass:

Ochagavia Medialuna Sauvignon Semillon
D.O. Valle Central
Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon,
Valle Central, Chile
15 cl 14,00

Red wine by the glass:

Ochagavia Medialuna Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot
D.O. Valle Central
Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot,
Valle Central, Chile
15 cl 14,00

White wine:

Ochagavia Medialuna Sauvignon Semillon
D.O. Valle Central
Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon
Valle Central, Chile
75 cl 55,00
Trebbiano d ‘Abruzzo Caldora
D.O.C. Trebbiano d`Abruzzo
Abruzzo, Italy
75 cl 65,00
Kendermanns Riesling Kabinet
Mosel, Germany
75 cl 80,00

Red wine:

Ochagavia Medialuna Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot
D.O. Valle Central
Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot
Valle Central, Chile
75 cl 55,00
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Caldora
D.O.C. Montepulciano d`Abruzzo
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
Abruzzo, Italy
75 cl 65,00
I Muri Primitivo
Puglia, Italy
75 cl 99,00


Mad Dog (wódka, sok malinowy, tabasco) 8,00
Kamikaze (wódka, Blue Curacao, sok z cytryny) 15,00
Bloody Mary (wódka, sok pomidorowy, dodatki) 13,00
Apple pie (żubrówka, sok jabłkowy) 14,00
Crazy Swan (wódka, Blue Curacao, sok pomarańczowy) 15,00
Tequila Sunrise (tequila, sok pomarańczowy, Grenadina) 17,00
Mojito (rum, mięta, limonka, cukier trzcinowy) 18,00
Morton’s Special (wódka żurawinowa, tequila, sok pomarańczowy Grenadina) 21,00

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