Holiday cabins in the Masurian District

Relax close to nature…

The smell of wood heated by the sun. Rays of sunshine falling through the window, gently caressing the skin. Smell of the forest and sound of singing birds. These sensations may become part of every morning you will spend in one of our cabins in the Masurian District.The facilities are located in the picturesque area of village Piękna Góra, situated near Giżycko – the real sailing resort. The leisure centre is located on Lake Kisajno and surrounded by a beautiful forest. Such location encourages active leisure in the form of water sports, hikes or bicycle tours.Our guests may stay in hotel rooms and suites. However we especially recommend staying in our all-year-round and summer cabins. We propose luxurious versions, for exceptionally demanding guests, as well as standard accommodation options for those who value economical solutions. Cabins with bathrooms for 2, 3, 4 and 6 persons, have comprehensive fittings and some of them a dinette thanks to which they ensure complete autonomy and comfort during your stay.Stay in our centre will allow you to fully relax, unwind and recuperate. Revelling in the beauty of the local nature and enjoying healthy pleasures, you will feel soothed, all the problems of everyday life will seem distant and here and now you will enjoy every single day.
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